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Boikanyo is a foundation in the local area of Senaoane in Soweto. Its roots began years ago. A seed
was planted after watching the Thai boys who got stuck in a cave for long and hearing about their
education system which is good, it was time to borrow some techniques and bring them to our
children who live lives as remote as those boys.
Jade Education (AKA Singapore South Africa) quickly came to the party. The Family Life Centre, and
two independent social workers as well. Bam! We have a pilot project which is outstanding and
addresses so many issues which prevents children from growing into healthy accomplished adults,
all the while not dropping out of school.
In an interview with Gauteng News, Marilyn Bassin who is a physiotherapist by profession and
founder of Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation, explained all the future plans for the foundation.
“At the end of this week we begin with a revolutionary maths and emotional support program which
we will pilot, it will be run with grade 8 pupils of Sekano Ntoane Secondary School. The Noah project
has been fashioned out of a need to see young people who are born into dire circumstances rise
above this and forge a future for themselves by not dropping out of school,’ she said. This future
includes doing maths at school. Too many disillusioned youth in informal communities and hostels
drop out of the school and turn to unsavoury activities to support themselves, their potential and
their future lost.
There are many reasons why an education crisis (especially maths) exists, leading to almost half
those who enter school in grade 1 dropping out by grade 10. Statistically maths in public schools in
SA is ranked 143 out of 143 countries in the world. It is difficult to remedy the cause and where
everything went wrong – life is sheer hell for those growing up in informal settlements and hostels.
It is far easier to attempt to repair the damage.

After consulting with teachers and experts Boikanyo the Dion Herson Foundation has come up with
a novel idea, a 3 tiered program of maths lessons wherein learners are taken back to grade 3 maths
to learn the foundations, emotional support and nutritional supplementation on the days where
maths is tutored.

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