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Shadrack Mabunda affectionately known as Bucha to his customers is a Tshiawelo local in Soweto
who is a small business owner. In an interview with Gauteng News told of challenges he has faced as
a young entrepreneur and reasons that led him to start a Chicken braai business known as ‘chicken
dust ‘ in townships.
“With the coming of age I realised that finances were a big problem, and I had to do something to
make sure that I feed my family. This business did not start today, it goes 17 years back in 2002
when I stayed in Lenasia South. I started by offering a broader menu, with time I discovered that I
was not making much sales and decided to be business focused’,’ he explained.
Over the years of being in business, Mabunda relocated to Tshiawelo where he is currently residing.
His arrival in the area introduced him to a new business opportunity.
“Right next to my place was a bottle store and it would be filled with customers. I realised there was
no one selling food. This was the rightful spot for me to continue from where I had stopped’ he said.
With the success of his business he is now able to take care of his extended family.
He told Gauteng News that his journey has been filled with trials and tribulations.
“There are a lot of challenges that small business owners face that most people are not aware of.
Weather is one of the biggest challenges we face. In most cases if it’s raining it means that there will
be no business for us”, said Mabunda.
“Sometimes if the weather changes during the cause of business, it means that I have to close down
for the day. Imagine having to pay the other two people that help me with the business after not
making sales. However on a good day the business can make a bit of profit, and with that I can pay
my employees and be left with something for me and my family,’ he added.
In spite of challenges, the young entrepreneur has defied all odds and is making it.

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