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Can one go to jail for blackmailing and extortion?

We live in a world where almost everyone carries a smartphone, which sparks interest in sensitive issues that are burdened with feelings of dread and awe. Recording of sensitive social issues such as sexuality, child abuse and death have dominated social media over the years.

One of the most recent notable altercation was at Carletonville crèche, where a teacher was filmed assaulting children has inspired sad emotions to the people of South Africa. It is alleged that video was filmed about a year ago. The crèche head master, Principal Van Zyl, claims that the video was taken by a bitter ex-employee who filmed the video for financial gain. Van Zyl said that the ex-employee used to blackmail her into giving her money.

She threatened that she would make these videos viral and send it all over the country and to the parents because she wants to teach her a lesson.

Although the teacher who assaulted the children got arrested, the ex-employee was also charged with blackmailing and extorting money from the crèche principal.


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