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Huawei creates operating system for smartphones and computers

The Chinese telecom company Huawei, built its own operating system for smartphones and computers in case it gets banned by America from using google software.


While it is not banned totally, the blacklisting would affect future Huawei devices and could mean that current Huawei phones will stop getting Android updates.


On Monday the CNBC confirmed that google, which makes the Android operating system that is used in Huawei handset has deferred the transfer of hardware, software or technical services to Huawei except what’s available via open source.


The CEO of Huawei’s consumer division Richard Yu, in a recent interview said that the company has a back-up operating system, in case it is blocked from using the U.S made software.


“We have prepared our own operating system. Should it ever happen that we can no longer use these systems, we would be prepared,” Yu said, according to a translation of the original German text. “That’s our plan B. But of course we prefer to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft.”


In addition to using the Android mobile operating system for handsets, Huawei uses Microsoft Windows for its laptops and tablets.

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