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South Africans react positively to male hair extensions

Hair extension is nothing new to South African Women, it does not matter which hairstyle you prefer or want to try, and hair extensions are the ultimate way to primp the hair. For most women, getting a hair extensions is not a big deal but there seems to be a double standard when it comes to men wearing weaves.

It is common for men to experience baldness in their lives, especially as they grow older. For others, a bald head is something they inherit at an early age and there seems to be no help in sight.

Democratic Republic of Congo national, Patrick Missile who is a wig guru, is known for creating magnificent wigs for the “it girls” of South African entertainment such as Bonang Matheba, Minnie Dlamini, and Khanyi Mbau, saw a market for men who experience baldness and created wigs suitable for men.

While his business booms, it’s also an act of kindness because men no longer have to suffer in silence as they tend to have little to no hair. Although Missile introduced male weaves about three years ago, it is only now that more black men are starting to wear them with pride.

“I’m excited that we as black males are improving in terms of our looks. We accepted the weave trend very positively, not in a discriminating way.

“People are really on it, there is progress. We have people travelling from all over Africa and South African to get their hair done,” says Missile.

Missile, who is used to glamming up the stars, usually designs weaves for actors who need hair for particular roles. He suggests that people let their side hair grow, and only fill the middle to make it look as real as possible. “For the middle, I look for the good texture of hair that will match with their natural hair. I create a base for the centre part where there is no hair to stick the extensions.

“And for those with short hair, I use their hair as support so the scalp can still breathe. Male extensions are very strong and one can even swim with them he says”

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