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The difficulty of living with depression

Social media has been buzzing with the increased number of young people seeking solutions through suicide. This buzz was struck by the sudden death of Nichume Siwundla. Siwundla took her life on the 6th of June.

The family blamed the entertainment industry for Nichume’s battle with depression and taking of her own life.

For many celebrities, dealing with depression becomes harder in the public eye. With the recent suicide death of rising star and house vocalist Nichume, the illness has been in the spotlight with many people highlighting the difficulty of living with the pain.

Her death came as a shock, especially to her family who knew her as a strong willed woman.

Her death follows those of motswako rapper Jabulanu Tsambi known as “HHP”, actress Shoki Mokgapa and Motsweding FM’s DJ Lara Kruger who committed suicide last year.

The general perception is that the entertainment industry is the glitz and glamour industry that comes with fame and fortune. However, when the lights go off, it can be very lonely, sad abusive for many entertainers.

Mental Health Speaker and South African Depression and Anxiety group (SADAG) spokesperson Nkini Phasha said there was a link between depression and the entertainment industry from generations. He added that the pressure and expectations to not only entertain but to also inspire the nation while continuing to evolve and become a more famous and rich star/ celebrity does take a toll on many celebrities.

Depression affects anybody at any time and people in the industry are just as human as the rest of us. They are subjected to the same pressures, the same demands, same frustrations. The only difference is that they are in the limelight and their actions tend to be pronounced for everyone else to see.

July marks the Mental Health Awareness month and lack of adequate resources and funding on mental disorder illness is still causing serious concerns.

Nichumes memorial service will be held today at 6pm, at the Assemblies of God in Sandton.



Lifeline Helpline (24hrs) 0861 322 322

The South African Depression and Anxiety group 011 234 4837 or 0800 2050 26

Suicide Crisis line 0800 567 567

Adcock Ingram depression and anxiety helpline 0800 7080 90

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