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A Blame game for “Bhutiza” hit maker’s death

Nichume Siwundla death took a very bad turn it has not been long since the vocalist-committed suicide and twitter took to drag some celebrities about her recent passing.

First on the blaming game was Denise Zimba wedding bashers’ presenter and singer, who were dragged by black Twitter for Nichume Siwundla’s death.

Apparently, Denise was bullying Nichume prior to her passing. The fans of the singe went on twitter archives and retrieved a tweet of Denise where she asked the singer if she thinks her artwork was up to standard.

Now on the firing line was her mentor Mobi Dixon, a music producer.

Mobi Dixon was the one who convinced the singer to quite her daily job in Eastern Cape and move to Johannesburg, and that’s how the hit ‘Bhutiza’ was created.

The Controversial gossip twitter celeb “Man’s Not Barry Roux” got social media in shook when he released tweet on the alleged blaming of Nichume’s death.

Allegedly, Nichume’s family blames Mobi Dixon and her record label.

In a series of tweets, ‘Man’s Not Barry’’  said the family blames Mobi Dixon for the star’s death because he was the one who got their daughter to leave a good paying job and get her to Joburg.

The family also said Nichume was skeptical about leaving her stable ophthalmologist job and Mobi convinced her and promised to pay her a stipend, which the family says he only paid her once and it was R3500.

According to Nichume’s friends, the singer had to beg Mobi Dixon for some money to buy some Sanitary.

Mobi Dixon was supposed to take Nichume on the SAMA25 to show her off at the red carpet but he only gave her R2000 for her look, make up and shoes. When Nichume asked him, it was not enough he told her the rest she needed to take it out of her own pocket.

It is alleged that Nichume never received her royalties from SAMRO, but Mobi Dixon has had his royalties paid to him hence he bought a new Mercedes Benz.

Nichume’s Father said “Nichume was a very lively person, she loved singing and when he last saw her, her face was puffy and it was all from the anti-depressant she was taking”

The Siwundla’s family has also allegedly stated that while Mobi Dixon is welcome to attend her funeral, he will not be given a platform to speak at her funeral.

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