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EFF’s Mandisa Mashego on comments made by Afriforum’s Kriel

Economic Freedom Fighter Gauteng chairperson Mandisa Mashego responded to Afriforum Kallie Kriel’s comments that his organisation will fight Malema and the EFF with their own money.

She added that would not make them stop fighting the struggle of land.

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel said that the money paid by the EFF would be used to oppose attempts to amend the country’s Constitution to make expropriation without compensation possible.

Mashego said someone needed to address Kriel not in a legal tone and say “you can’t win” because all the money in the world could not defeat the EFF.

Masego continued to say that “Kriel as a white person has benefited from our land and its normal in a white supremacist mentality or to say we are oppressing black people with their own money”.

The chairperson said the righteous that Kriel think will help him in court is an unjust law that should have been either repealed in 1994 or made to disappear in when the ANC took over.

She added that “the ANC are not anti-imperialism or anti colonialism and that is why they did not fight it, which makes the law invalid to use against us in the process of justice struggle.”

She says Kriel’s tactics and celebration were short lived and they would win in the long run.

She added that they were not scared or shaken by anyone and they are going to intensify their fight.

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