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No guns for teachers, says Basic Education

The Department of Basic Education is slamming calls for teachers to be armed.

The calls were made by Educators’ Union of South Africa. The department says the union is not registered.

Elijah Mhlanga from the Basic Education department says school is not a warzone, it’s supposed to be a peaceful environment.

“In almost every instance where someone has been stabbed, the aggressor knows the victim or there was an unresolved issue. Its people who know each other. Don’t be violent, talk. This thing of saying people must go to school with guns is completely reckless and dangerous.”

The Department is however, extremely concerned about the escalating violence involving learners and educators, particularly within the vicinity of schools. The violence has left both learners and educators deceased, others injured, and perpetrators facing lengthy jail terms.

“The majority of cases we observed indicate that unresolved issues led to the violent attacks. Furthermore, the attacks have widely occurred outside school premises. We have also observed the rise in gang-related activity involving learners and violent incidents ending in unnecessary loss of life. The Department is very concerned that the violence has increasingly spilled into schools, causing untold emotional trauma and disruption to the learning and teaching environment,” he added.

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