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Alexandra Shutdown to take next round tomorrow

Following recent Alexandra protests in April 2019, another Alex shutdown protest is set to take place on Wednesday.

City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba said during the movement, there were sponsored vehicles driven for the purposes of General Elections. Mashaba added that spectacle of African National Congress (ANC) branded vehicles delivered tires around the city.

“Revelation of the ring-leaders of this movement being linked to the Alexandra Renewal Project (ARP) contracts have made it clear. There are no questions that people of Alexandra have legitimate, long-standing and deep-seated grievances with how they have been treated. Their living conditions and lack of housing opportunities are a product of how funds intended for Alexandra have been pillaged with impunity for decades”, said Mashaba.

He added that Alexandra Shutdown Movement must not be mistaken for anything other than a politically sponsored vehicle to protect the corrupt interests of those who have profited from the looting of the ARP.

“Same politically concerned profiteers from the ARP are now being served by the Alexandra Shutdown Movement. That is the reason why their demonstrations and marches have numbered very few people. This has included many ANC Councillors in Johannesburg. Directors of the Ditlodi Community Development Cooperation are ring-leaders of the protests in Alexandra. The Directors of this company include none other than Sandile Mavundla, who is the ring-leader of Alexandra Shutdown Movement and Tefo Raphadu ANC Ward Councillor”, he said.

Mashaba said there is no question that people of Alexandra live in appalling conditions and these conditions are in a part, product of the rampant looting of the ARP, multi-party government has worked to effect change in Alexandra. He added that this has been delivered and is an improvement on the past.

“Though there are still challenges that are to be met in the demand for land and housing opportunities. Representative of City of Johannesburg will not engage on the Alex Shutdown Movement because their interests are not those of the legitimate residents of Alexandra. 

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