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DJ Fresh suspended for swear words on air

The Metro FM Fresh Breakfast Show Presenter Thato Sikwane also known as DJ Fresh has been suspended by SABC for using ‘offensive’ language on air.

 Fans are not happy with the decision that they are threatening to boycott the station.

The decision to suspend DJ Fresh follows his rant against one of the listeners during his show, which he used the word “msunery” during an interview with Khanya Mkangisa on May 20.

“Msunery” a defamatory isiZulu swear word which translates to a**hole.

Fresh was chatting to Mkangisa following the young actress’s video of her drinking and driving arrest that went viral on social media.

During the show, some listeners accused Fresh of defending Mkangisa’s acts and he did not take lightly to the accusations. Fresh also clapped back to another listener stating that the listener should “stop tweeting from his a**.

 A listener Daniel Mokwa laid a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) stating that the presenter had used strong language.

 Mokwa also urged the SABC to discipline the breakfast host, stating that he was behaving like an untouchable celebrity at the public broadcaster. SABC spokesperson Vuyo Mthembu confirmed that Thato Sikwane had been suspended following an investigation. Social media went abuzz with #BringBackDJFresh trending on Tuesday morning.

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