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Waitress gets R18, 000 tip for “amazing service”

A waitress at the Beerhouse in Fourways, Ayanda had received a tip of R18, 680- on a bill of R1 320. The restaurant reported on its website.

At first, she thought it was a mistake and called the duty manager immediately to try and talk the patron out of it, but the woman said, “Ayanada’s service was amazing and that she deserved every last bit of the money.”

Beerhouse owner Randolf Jorberg contacted the patron in a private WhatsApp, the generous woman on the phone insisted she had no second thoughts about her donation, writing “I was of sound mind when deciding to leave this tip.”

Ayanda’s benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been moved by the young woman’s story growing up in challenging circumstances that made her unable to finish her matric. Ayanda wanted to finish her matric and become a paramedic.

The Beerhouse explained on its website that Ayanda “was only eight months old when her parents got divorced which left her family in a tough financial situation. She wasn’t able to go to school, because her mother was always working and didn’t complete her matric.”


Ayanda plans to attend a school in Alexandra where she can attend night classes, so that she may complete her matric. She has also expressed an interest in becoming a paramedic. In the meantime, she has already started the process of getting her driver’s licence.”

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