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BMW trainees built bakkie, using BMWX7 as platform

Twelve trainees from various sectors within BMW’s engineering division have built an extraordinary bakkie concept, using the brand’s largest SUV as a platform.

Amongst the twelve young engineering enthusiasts were trainees from BMW’s vehicle mechanics section, mechatronics and technical construction. For ten months they worked in secret to produce a road-legal X7 double-cab bakkie.

The result is a hugely impressive BMW bakkie which features a very generous load area. An adjustable tailgate section allows for the rear load area to be increased from 1.4 m to 2 m in size – which makes it able to accommodate one of BMW’s adventure motorcycles in the back.

Teakwood finishing adds a premium marine construction feel to the load area whilst the rear lights and other exterior styling elements, which differ from the X7 SUV, were crafted using 3D printing techniques. There are some fantastic details too, such as the integrated grab handles behind the cab, which sit in a vertical roll-hoop type structure.

In terms of size, the X7 double-cab is 100 mm longer than an equivalent SUV built on the same CLAR platform but manages to be 200 kg lighter. The much lighter weight is due to its reduced roof length and lessened use of glass/metal in the overall construction and proportions.

Finished in a BMW exclusive hue which registers as Tanzanite blue metallic, the X7 bakkie’s colour changes in both depth and intensity, when exposed to direct sunlight.

Engine? Interestingly, the X7 double-cab bakkie concept is not powered by BMW’s tri-turbo 3-litre in-line six diesel, which you would expect to be the engine of choice for a BMW double-cab. Powering this radical BMW bakkie is a 3-litre turbocharged in-line six, combusting petrol, boosting 240 kW.

Although only a concept, for now, it does show that BMW is allowing its future designers and technicians the freedom of experimenting with bakkie convertibility of the brand’s SUV platforms. This could augur well for the probability of a future BMW double-cab bakkie. In time


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