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Pelebox to relieve clinics in Gauteng

The Aurum Institute has launched an innovate solution to dispense medicine to patients with chronic illnesses in a move aimed at reducing waiting times and congestion in public healthcare facilities.

The “Pelebox”, created by young South African engineer Neo Hutiri, consists of a simple wall of lockers controlled by a digital system that allows healthcare workers to stock the lockers with pre-packed prescription refills, log the medicine on the system, and secure each locker. The system then sends out SMS to let the patient know that their medication is ready for collection at their local clinic. Pelebox sends patients a one-time PIN, which they use to open their locker and access their medicine.

Nurses and patients are very content with the system, more especially the elderly who are often in queues for more than 3 hours, just to collect medication.

Pelebox has already been tested at selected clinics in Gauteng, with 100% success rate. The Aurum Institute will now be introducing 10 Peleboxs at clinics across Ekhurhuleni this year and is looking to reach at least 1 000 patients per Pelebox per month.

The Pelebox recently won the Africa prize for Engineering Innovation, making Neo Hutiri the first South African to hold the title in the prizes six-year history.

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