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Reward for City of Johannesburg break-in

A reward of R25 000 is offered to anyone who can identify a thief who broke-in at City of Johannesburg offices on Saturday.

Police are still investigating whether essential documents have been stolen or not, amongst the taken ones.

According to eNCA, documents have been stolen from Chief Whip’s office at City of Johannesburg. City of Johannesburg spokesperson Lucky Sindane said it is unclear about what type of documents were taken.

“Security guards will be investigated as possibility of inside job has not been ruled out. The suspect was captured on the CCTV cameras while leaving the building carrying a bag. This was not forced entry and we are interrogating everyone to find out about how the suspect got entry, in the building”, he said.

Sindane added that this was the second break-in incident-taking place at City of Johannesburg offices.

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