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SA scientist closer to combating HIV/AIDS

South African scientists have developed an optical trapping system combined with laser transmission measurement set-up using a single beam gradient trap.

They tested and demonstrated their optical trapping transmission measurement technique for the spectral analysis of HIV‐1 infected cells.

This combination of near‐infrared transmission with an optical trapping system was able to provide label‐free trapping and transmittance spectra of infected and uninfected TZM‐bl cells without any phototoxic and/or thermal damage.

Team member Patience Mthunzi-Kufa said that the data from the transmission indicates that it is likely to distinguish between infected and uninfected.

“The results obtained revealed that there are significant differences between the transmittance spectra of the HIV‐1 infected and uninfected cells, consequently, the transmission data shows that it is possible to differentiate between infected and uninfected optically”, says team member, Patience Mthunzi-Kufa.

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