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Premier David Makhura visits Mogale City healthcare centres

Gauteng Premier David Makhura visited different clinics in Mogale City, West Rand to view challenges patients and healthcare workers experience on daily basis.

The Premier was not looking at clinics that only face challenges, but also even the ones that are doing good. Amongst the clinics he visited is Leratong Hospital and Central Clinic in Krugersdorp.

Makhura said he visited Central Clinic because during his interview on Power FM, someone called and told him that the clinic is servicing the community well. He added that the caller stated that they hear about clinics that are not doing well, but he needs to visit Central Clinic in Mogale City, Krugersdorp.

“The reason we are here is not because the clinic is on my list of priority. Mazuku has ten hospitals and I have five worst. However, Central clinic is not one of the worst. We are checking with people here and patients say positive things. This is relatively better functioning facility and it is not on my priority of those that need to be turned around in twelve months. Nevertheless, there is general improvement, service delivery of all health facilities in Gauteng, especially primary health facilities. Even hospitals and clinics that are doing well, improvement is needed”, said Makhura.

Premier said he wanted to come on the day when things are not going well and hear about how they can assist the clinic.

Sister Anna Heyneke said other challenges are high volume number of patients and the ones that come illegally.

“Other patients are not only from Krugersdorp area, but also from other locations. Illegal immigrants is a problem to the clinic as we run out of resources and shortage of staff. Government needs to do something about it as it affects the costs. Otherwise we are fine”, said Sister Heyneke. 

Pharmacy Assistant Keitumetse Mampe hopes that the Premier will bring the change. There is a lot of and I work alone.

“I will be happy if the Premier brings staff as there is a lot of work and I am the only pharmacy assistant”, said Mampe.

Gauteng Department of Health MEC Dr Bandile Mazuku said according to the manager of Central Clinic and different nurses, challenges at the clinic are shortage of staff and resources.

“The issue here at Central Clinic is space and staff shortage. People turn to wait longer because they need to be taken vital site. Extra nurses and machines should be supplied to the clinic. Looking at Leratong Hospital challenge, most of the clinics have the same issue of time challenge but when there is proper system of managing the queue and how things are done, it becomes less”, said Mazuku.

He added that the mentioned problems such as staff shortage, will be solved by bringing more staff and getting someone to do vital sites.

“Everyone who enters the system, gets to be done on the vital site. For instance, testing of blood pressure, temperature, sugar and other things. A doctor or nurses should be there doing them in order to reduce waiting time. It needs to be improved”, said Mazuku.

Premier Makhura said Leratong Hospital and Central Clinic are doing very as well.  He added that challenges mentioned will be given a fair time to solve them.

“There are other priorities and facilities where things are very bad. Mazuku has got twelve months to fix those. In my state of province address, I identified hospitals that perform badly and there are major complains, below those hospitals are clinics”, said Makhura.

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