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Hundred foreign national released after verification of documents

Over 600 foreign nationals appeared at the Johannesburg Magistrate Court on Monday following Joburg raid by law enforcement officials during the “Okae Molao” operation.

Last week Wednesday police raided the Johannesburg CBD and arrested foreigners who did not have documentation to be in the country.

Civil society groups and supporters chanted in solidarity with those who were arrested outside the magistrate court.

After the verification of documents by Home Affairs 100 foreign nationals were released.

Speaking to Gauteng News, Democratic Republic of Congo’s Rebecca Bibenvu said, “My sister has the traveling papers provided by the DRC Embassy and she wasn’t part of the street vendors who were selling fake goods. She’s only arrested because she’s not South African and she only came this side to Joburg to confirm her travelling papers. We don’t know if our people are well because the police station where our people are arrested refused to allow them to make calls”.

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