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Mkhize calls for calm over NHI concerns

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize called for calm over the National Health Insurance Bill after numerous civil society groups including political party says that it was unrealistic and too expensive.

Last week the minister submitted the NHI bill before the parliament’s health committee and he said he was confident the bill would be successful and not take the health sector into financial distress.

“The issue is not whether there is something wrong with the private sector. Both the public and private sector need to be realigned and that is what we are doing. And it’s not like we are taking money from the one and giving it to the other,” he said.

“The reality is that the country needs a much more equitable redistribution of the resources inside the same system,” he added.

The NHI, which stands for National Health Insurance, will rely on unified collaborations and effective political will.

NHI is a culmination of a collaborative effort by government, civil society, business, private providers, and academia and health professionals to develop a plan that includes clear objectives, timelines, indicators and financial resources to effectively address challenges in the sector

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