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Women’s Month opinion piece with Purity Chizhande (Marriage and Family Counsellor)

You are a complete woman, you are defined by God’s original word and plan over your life from the beginning. You are beautiful and created in his image.

Sometimes society tries to define women until women believe that they are who people say they are, even when it is not true. Single or married, you are perfect as you are, your true definition is not locked in your job, who you hang out with, what you drive or your marital status. Marriage was not designed to make anyone complete, because you are equally complete whether single or married, none is better or less than the other.

Just be happy with yourself.

Don’t we all want to be happy in life? Be happy with yourself before trying to find a spouse who makes you happy. What if you never get married? Will that mean you will be miserable all your life because there is no man to make you happy or what if you get married to the most boring guy under the sun? Your own happiness is locked within you because God did not half bake you. You are perfect and complete whether you appreciate Gods’ handiwork on you or not.

Genesis 29 The story of Jacob who married two sisters Leah and Rachel

Jacob fell in love with Rachel and he worked for her while they both kept themselves for each other because they were truly in love. On the night of their wedding Laban, the father of the two girls decided to give Leah to Jacob because culture said the younger sister could not be married before the older.

The bible also says in verse 17 that Leah had delicate eyes.Meaning according to her father she was not beautiful. Leah may not have been Jacobs dream girl but that didn’t mean Leah would never had got married to any other man had she wanted to, it also did not mean that she was ugly at all but that was her father’s perception and opinion. Leah was forced into the arm of a man who was not in love with her and he did not find her beautiful for himself. Leah’s destiny was dictated to her by culture and her father.

Woman decide to be a winner and not be held down by your past or even your present if it is holding you down. Your future is in your own hands no matter what your circumstance are. 

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