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Entrepreneurs helps bereaved families with Cookies stokvel

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and that was Bonny Motene in 2017 when she lost her father and saw an opportunity to help communities with condolence cookies in time of need and grief. 

Motene partnered with Hazel Mapeta to start what is called the Cookie Benefits in Moletsane, Soweto. With only R30 a month, the Cookie Benefit gives out four 20 liters buckets of baked scones and ginger biscuits in a bid to reduce the burden of buying food from mourners.

The Cookie Benefits Policy is divided into three Benefit packages, which is the Family Benefit, Society and Stokvel Benefit, and Employee benefit.

The two entrepreneurs have recently received funds from big food chain stores , which will help their clients to be able to have their claims (Cookies) delivered to them anywhere in South Africa.

In an exclusive interview with Gauteng news, Business owner Bonny Motene said their business is only focused on helping bereaved families to focus on grieving rather than baking cookies for people who comes to offer condolence.

“Our business is convenient and supports families during their loss. We do not replace your policy but we think of the days before the funeral, we provide you with cookies that will assist families to focus on grieving rather than baking cookies to accommodate everyone. The Cookie Benefit policy accommodate 10 family members plus the policy holder for R30 per month.”

She added that, “We have forgotten about Ubuntu as a people, during the time of death, employees usually send condolence money to their colleagues but never support the family by physically being there to attend the funeral. Therefore, the Employees benefit allows your colleagues to support you during difficult times and they can collect the four 2 liters at any food chain store.”

The Cookie Benefits Policy recently received financial support from one of the country’s biggest food chain and the pair will disclose their potential investors when the deal is finalised. 

having to invest in taught Motene  the brand of her own business, the two entrepreneur learnt a very important lesson, which was understanding their brand better and focusing on the market and the foundation of their business. 

Bonny said “it’s important for parents to encourage young people work part time in the midst of the degree or diplomas because it allows them to gain experience and communication skills. Therefore, it will equip them with leadership skills which most often encourage them to consider entrepreneurship as an option; we need to instill that in our children.”

Cookie Benefits Policy brings the spirit of Ubuntu and supporting communities during difficult times.

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