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Pharmaceutical Workers On Strike

Close to 400 employees of the Transpharm pharmaceutical wholesale are on strike demanding a minimum wage of R8500 and maximum wage of R12 500. 

This is the second day of the strike and workers are requesting better pay from the largest wholesale company in South Africa. 

Workers are frustrated that the General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA) is excluded from the negotiations.

Chairperson of the Pretoria Breath Rustenburg branch (PBR) and shop steward Jan Magolego spoke to Gauteng news and confirmed, “Currently workers are not satisfied with how the company is reacting to the protest and we don’t plan on stopping the march until our are heard.

We are requesting for Transpharm to respond to our demands and acknowledge that workers deserve a better pay. As a union we are being isolated from the negotiations and that prompted us to approach the CCMA for assistance.”

Gauteng News can confirm that workers are currently earning R4 500 as a basic salary.

Transpharm is one of South Africa’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors and is part of Shoprite Holdings. 

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