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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated globally, on September 10th, in the hope of raising awareness concerning mental health and ways to curb the scourge. ‘The number of countries with national suicide prevention strategies has increased in the last five years since the publication of WHO’s first global report on suicide’, stated the World Health Organization.

Teen suicide, in South Africa, has become a common problem with 9 precent of teen deaths being attributed to it.

According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, “Research indicates that although more females attempt suicide, more males succeed. This is due to the more violent nature males select. Girls are more likely to overdose on medication, or take chemicals, whereas boys often find access to firearms or hang themselves”.

There is a link between depression and suicide manifesting itself as a temporary mood swing. SADAG further stated that up to one third of all suicide victims had attempted suicide previously.

South Africans are encouraged to learn more about depression so they can discern the signs and symptoms in a person early.

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