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Councillor Raphadu alleged to have demolished houses

It is alleged that Councillor Tefo Raphadu from ward 105 in Riverside, together with a group of men, destroyed more than 15 structures on Monday. The National Neglected Citizens Organisation is set to address residents of Riverside, near Alexandra, concerning the demolished houses.

Raphadu allegedly is against people who occupy these spaces unlawfully. Gauteng News spoke to Clive Modingoane who resides in Riverside, “Raphadu and his people almost assaulted me when I told them to address the community respectfully. We have opened a case against the councilor as a community”.

One of the Riverside residents also accused Ward Councillor of attacking him while trying to take a video, of the councilor and his team, destroying his house.

Gauteng News can confirm that Lebo Matlou, who lives with her disabled 16-year-old son, and another resident known as Coleman, were given notice to vacate their home by the end of this week.

“What happened on Monday is inhumane as every citizen has the right to shelter according to the South African constitution. Councilor Tefo Raphadu sent his people to demolish houses of human beings. Where is the eviction letter that proves that people must be evicted from their homes? It’s unlawful and I as the chairperson of the National Neglected Citizens promise not to allow any structure in Alex, or any other place, to be demolished” – says NNC chairperson, Bongani Ramontja.

Councilor Tefo Raphadu was unavailable comment. 

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