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The Art of Paint

The daily events that occur in life can inspire artistically inclined individuals to tap into their subconscious mind and create masterpieces. Pablo Picasso did it with his complex paintings and William Shakespeare managed to do it with the mere stroke of a pen. 

That kind of talent, however, is not only reserved for international artists. Gauteng News sat down with a promising painter from Vosloorus, in his art gallery in the heart of Johannesburg, to find out more about his craft.

Simphiwe Mlangeni, originally from Soweto, became fascinated with painting and drawing from an early age when he was exposed to it through his father. For him painting is a kind of release that is inspired by people’s experiences as well as their character. “My art is inspired by life in general. I’m inspired by what troubles people and what makes them happy”, he says. 

A powerful painting hung on the wall depicting a tap next to a tree in a rural setting catches my eye and I enquire about it. Simphiwe explains that both elements are metaphorical and play an important in life. The tap represents his grandmother, who played a vital role in his upbringing, while the tree represents him as a child. 

A tree requires water for it to grow and sustain itself. His grandmother ensured that he was provided with everything a child needs until he developed into a fully-fledged individual.

“Art is everywhere and even architecture can be considered as art because buildings are drawn on paper and planned out properly before they are built”, he continues. Simphiwe’s passion for art is apparent in his voice as he projects his philosophy through the painting of his pictures. 

The idea is to share this art with every person he can reach and teach which explains his voluntary work in different communities. Although challenges of disseminating his artwork are present he does not despair but vows to continue doing what he does best. 

“I’d like my work to be preserved as a stone tablet because art comes from ancient stones and drawings. Everything that I do now is basically ancient because it has already been done”, he concludes.  

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