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Powerhouse of the Week – Nowel Mdingi

Twenty  year old Soweto born Nowel Mdingi, who is the reigning Mr Icon Gauteng 2018 Humanitarian is a powerhouse who is actively positively impacting lives in his community. Mdingi, a General Manager of Innovating  Kasi Organisation (IKO), a non-profit organisation that deals with community development and strives to come up with innovative ways to bring change and healing to communities.

The organisation coordinates numerous projects that focus on people of all ages, and currently, the focus is on a women empowerment initiative called MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BOND. This programme was born from local females coming into the organisation for assistance to fix their relationships with either their mothers or daughters, and the organisation decided to research more on this matter and got to realise that this is a major issue that has been a silent killer in numerous homes and community at large. 

“Through the counselling sessions we have identified that there is a whole lot of misunderstanding between these two parties and unfortunately the problem is way deeper than we understand.

What we have realised also is that many of these women are broken and abuse has played a huge role in breaking the mother and daughter bond” said Mdingi. IKO is hosting activation sessions where all these women can come together to start speaking out about their challenges and how they would require the organisation to give them assistance and this is how IKO plans to assist: “Through the activations we are helping both the mother and the daughter to share their dissatisfactions and challenges so that they can start the process of healing.

We provide alternative ways for them to survive, and we promote programmes that will help them to be sustained financially. As part of our year end programme, we will then host a MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BOND WALK/RUN which will help us all to raise awareness that the extensive trauma abuse brings in our families.

The walk and run will also help us as an organisation to fundraise for the following to help mend, restore and revive these relationships:  Family therapy, Counselling, Food parcels, Dignity packs, Developmental projects to sustain them.” He said.THE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BOND WALK/RUN will take place as follows:  07 December 2019 in Diepkloof Sports Grounds from 06:00am to  12:00pm with an estimation of 3000 participants. Tickets retailing at R150.00 can be purchased through Nowel Mdingi by emailing   or calling 0616418265.

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