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16 year old learner accused of rape

A 16 year old learner from Moletsane High School allegedly raped five boys from Mapetla, Soweto and the youngest victim is six years old.  The 16 year oldsuspect is said to have admitted to sexually assaultingthe two youngest victims, who are both six years old, and using petroleum in the ordeal. 

One of the families of the six year olds went to Moroka Police Station but were told to come back after school to report to the Child’s Protection Department. When they returned the same day they were sent back home without assistance from the local police. 

Families of the victims are devastated.  Three victims,who came forward, allegedly changed their statementsnumerous times, but the community of Mapetla is hoping to receive results from the Child’s Protection Department and confirm if the youngest victims wereindeed sexually assualted.

Gauteng News spoke to the spokesperson of Moroka Police Station Captain Khoza, “I would like the families of the victims to come and see me so that we can open an official complaint and investigate it against the police who turned them away. All victims must be attended by police and failing to do so may lead to dismissal from work.” 

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