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Violent incidents top causes of death statistics list

The Gauteng Department of Health recently released figures detailing the number and causes of death, in the province, following a request made by DA member J Bloom. The breakdown of the causes of death revolved around the 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial years.

Gauteng mortuaries recorded 4894 deaths as a result of gunshot, stabbings and assault cases for the 2018/19 financial year. In the last financial year state mortuaries recorded 2416 gunshot deaths followed by motor vehicle accidents and stabbings at 1695 and 1295 respectively.

State mortuaries record these figures which reflect deaths at the incident scene and people who survived the initial trauma but later died of complications at home or at health care facilities. “The rate of unnatural deaths as a result of violence was a cause for serious concern for the country in general and the Gauteng province in particular.

“Accident and emergency departments in our hospitals are the busiest around the month end period, with a notably high number of gunshot wounds, stabbings and motor vehicle accidents patients coming in. One of the contributing factors is the high level of alcohol consumption which leads to violence and reckless driving”, stated MEC Bandile Masuku. 

The top list of unnatural deaths for 2018/19 include gunshots with 2416 deaths while stabbings stand at 1295 deaths. Deaths relating to car accidents were reportedly 1695 with hanging and assault cases being 970 and 1183 respectively.  

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