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July’s People by Nadine Gordimer

South Africa has a rich and unique history and in all honesty the stories that describe and characterise the country can never be told enough. This novel takes a hypothetical look at how Apartheid South Africa could’ve become if a civil war had occurred and reversed the racial roles.

A black servant, July, who’s been serving a white liberal family for 15 years finds himself being the master when the tables are turned. The Sable family is forced to flee Johannesburg and live with July and his family in the rural areas. The adjustment proves to be tricky initially for the Sables who are used to living in a mansion with a swimming pool but now have to assimilate with mud houses and poverty.

As time progresses July begins to express his resentment towards racism and the suffering black people have to endure at the hands of whites. July’s people is an interesting read that makes it hard to put the book down after every chapter.

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