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Power House of the week- Bob Cuts Hair Salon

Bod Cuts Hair Salon is one of the household names in Johannesburg’s highly competitive beauty industry. The salon has an array of branches with high end services. This brainchild of Geraldine Kganakga recently won a prestigious Darling award for its exceptional offerings.

When did you establish Bob Cuts Hair Salon and how many branches does the salon have?

We established Bob Cuts Hair Salon chain in 2014 in Johannesburg. We now have over 20 branches nationwide – with majority of them being located in Johannesburg, in areas such as Gandhi Square, Rosebank Mall, Greenstone Mall, Sammy Marks Square in Pretoria, etc.

What inspired the establishment of the business?

I’ve always had a passion for the beauty industry, but my inspiration was triggered by one of clients from my previous job.

Did you study anything relevant to the beauty field?

I enrolled with the University of Cape Town for a marketing degree, then furthered my studies with Vega School to enhance my business and branding knowledge, and that educational background has had an immense impact in growing our national brand.

What challenges are you facing as a black female entrepreneur and how do you overcome them?

My biggest challenge is business expansions without adequate financial support, but careful planning enables me to set achievable goals that contribute to the growth of Bob Cuts Hair Salon. 

How many people do you employ?

We employ a well-trained and dedicated team of over 300 employees and hope to increase the number as our future plans include growing the Bob Cuts Hair Salon brand beyond South African borders and have a foot print in other African countries.

Do you feel enough is being done to empower entrepreneurs in the beauty industry?

Not enough is done by our government to empower entrepreneurs in the industry but it’s up to you as an entrepreneur to up-skill and educate yourself. It’s also important to pay attention to trends and be relevant. 

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