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Welcome to our Hillbrow by Phaswane Mpe

This novel explores the interconnectedness that exists within a portion of Hillbrow dwellers through sex and life’s-trying times. Best friends Sammy and Refentse both find themselves sleeping with each other’s partners leading to Refentse committing suicide when he catches his friend and girlfriend red-handed. 

Sammy never finds out about his best friend’s secret but instead the guilt he has consumes him and leads him down a path of entertaining drugs and prostitutes. It so happens that Sammy’s girlfriend is hit by a bus and diesbefore she tells him the truth about herself and Refentse. 

If you enjoyed watching the educational Intersexions and Gaz’lam then you’ll definitely enjoy reading this book. It shows how small of a world people live in and can contract HIV unknowingly from someone who had slept with another mutual person they had known.

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