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In denial or confusion

If you have been following the news lately you’ll know that a political storm was caused by former President FW De Klerk, during an interview, about Apartheid not being a crime against humanity. The former and last apartheid President was quizzed about his tenure as head of state, Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and ultimately whether apartheid was a crime against humanity. 

South Africa was in a frenzy when De Klerk declared that apartheid can’t be compared to a genocide as well as holocaust because of the less number of deaths that occurred. He justified his statement by comparing the statistics between black-on-black violence with that of whites-on-black violence and came to the conclusion that the former was more predominant.

De Klerk had also claimed that he had no idea apartheid had been classified as a crime against humanity by the United Nations. Different political parties and apartheid activists did not take kindly to this and accused De Klerk of arrogance and denialism. The EFF was at the forefront of this storm and initiated the calls for De Klerk to be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize and other presidential privileges he still enjoys.

“As the EFF we reject the apology as one that lacks sincerity and relevance, as the individual who was the source of these hateful views remains unrepentant on his comments and avoids accountability by using a foundation which bears his name”, stated the EFF in a media statement. The De Klerk Foundation had initially backed his views on the matter but swiftly did a u-turn when pressure mounted from the public.

“The acceptance of apologies without justice is exactly why black South Africans find themselves landless, undermined and on the outskirts of humanity and the economy. It is the acceptance of apologies from people who never apologised, that inspired De Klerk to declare with confidence that the segregation of black people, their humiliation, dispossession and racist separate development were not crimes against the humanity of black people”, stated the EFF.

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