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Three sisters with a guitar in hand

When the idea of a solo artist filling up a venue comes to mind, more often than not, we associate the feat with an international male artist. What if a local woman was given the opportunity or, better yet, three talented ladies who personify the title ‘musician’ by being able to play a musical instrument and engage their audience. 

That’s exactly what producer and founder Thato Radebe had in mind when he conceptualized Sisters with guitarsheadlined by songstresses ZaharaBerita and Msaki. S’neMthabela caught up with him to find out more about the show and its inception.

“I wanted to give female artists in the music industry an opportunity to have space [within a set] and showcase their talent. I felt as if we don’t give them a [bigger] platform to shine”, he explains. It took him four years to save up for this event before it came to fruition after being blown away by seeing Zahara’s performance, during her Loliwe days, and realizing that the songstress had more to offer but time constraints were against her.    

When asked about the three vocalists he had specifically chosen for the show his answer is that of an individual who has done thorough research. “Initially I was thinking about Zahara because she first blew onto the scene before everyone else. When I came across Msaki and Berita all their styles [collectively] sounded similar and reminded me of Tracy Chapman, especially the way they tell their stories”, he says. 

With the show being the first of its kind and having taken place on the valentine’s weekend, at Emperor’s Palace, an atmosphere of excitement was evident. Apart from giving these songstresses a platform to shine the main objective is to promote female artists, in general, and create more shows of this caliber. “I think after Sisters with guitars you’ll see more shows similar to this one because people are always looking for something different when it comes to live performances”, he concluded.

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