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Pretoria saxophonist soars to great heights

Saxophonist Katlego Zebulon Tshoane (27), from central Pretoria, is a gospel artist who has mastered his saxophone talent.

He is now being recognized internationally. Tshoane now works hand in hand with giants in the South African music industry who are playing a big role in his music career.

Tshoane shared with Gauteng News that music runs in his family. His mother Enica and sister Stephina are both musicians. His mother also plays the saxophone.

“I play the saxophone. My hidden talent is singing, I was inspired by big artists in the music industry and responses I received from people who admire me,” said Tshoane

”They heard me playing the saxophone and people encouraging me to do more in fulfilling God’s calling”. he added

Tshoane had recently faced challenges when completing his second album. However, he had made it through and managed to release it.

“I was working with people who did not have the same vision as me. Recording an album without a sponsorship causes things to move slowly.”

“I will launching my third album will be smooth because I have gathered experience from my first and second offerings. I have looked for other strategies to overcome the challenges with confidence”

“I put God first in everything through prayer and humbleness. Ilook up to big artists in the music industry as a whole.” he added.

In 2019 Tshaone was set to jet off to Dubai to play his instrument on a cruise ship for three months. Unforseen circumstances saw Tshoane spending three days instead due to contractual issues.

“Just going for a few days was a great experience because it uplifted my spirit and confidence. To see all this recognitionbecause of what I do with the talent God gave me makes me happy.”

“Internationally as an artist you will find people who may not appreciate you because you come from a different country. My music accommodates everyone and heals the soul.” said Tshoane.

With giants in the industry, Tshoane believes he has reached his goals in life. 

In our sit down Tshaone said Prophet Shepherd Bushiri known famously known as Major one had inspired him to pursue his career.

“He supports my vision with advices, funds and also shows metop musicians that have made it and gives me direction on how to make it.” 

“I work with two top musicians who are big in the industry, Keke Phoofolo and Sipho Makhabane “The Big Fish”” he said.

Another interesting fact about Tshoane shared with Gauteng News was that he played various instruments such as the keyboard, drums, steel drum, bass guitar, clarinet and a flute. Fans can follow Tshoane on all social media platforms. Facebook : @Katlego Sax, Instagram @Katlegosax and Twitter @Katlegosax” . 

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