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Crime on the rise in Soshanguve extension 4

A community meeting was held on Wednesday by Soshanguve Extension 4 residents with Councillor Saki Ntonhla to address crime and drugs in their area. This follows a spike in burglariesand cable theft in Extension 4.

Thomas Sithole, a victim of a recent house breaking said he blamed the high unemployment rate particularly among youth. Sithole said this was a reason why they got involved in substance abuse.

“I personally believe that our government failed to create jobs. This is why youth have turned to crime. Criminals broke into my home.Fortunately I woke up and they ran away. A case was not opened as I didn’t recognise their faces,” Said Sithole”.

Councillor Ntonhla suggested that community members should volunteer as Community Police forum (CPF) officers which he believed will help eradicate crime. 

“As a councillor I am aware of the crime. If we work together this issue can be tackled We need people who can volunteer to work as CPF. I will submit their names to the SAPS”. said Councillor Ntonhla.   

Complaints were sharply raised about the behaviour of some members of the SAPS. When residents called a police van they were told there was not enough vehicles. 

Evans Chauke, a community leader promised to work with the councillor to engage the local municipality to fix street lights and target spots have that had become havens for criminals.  

“The main issue in this area is service delivery. Our streets lights are not working.We must write a petition which the councillor will accompany us to submit to the municipality. The acting Mayor must come here and see what some of us have  encountered”, said Chauke.

Resident Marry Mojela, is another victim of crime who spoke to Gauteng News.

“Criminals are stealing in order to buy drugs such as nyaope. The SAPS must do their work because cable theft affects mostpeople here” said Mojela.  

The councilor concluded by urging community members to report crime to police. A call was made to invite SAPS in the next upcoming meeting to address the community on plans they were employing to effectively deal with crime.

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