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More suspects arrested for schools break-ins and vandalism

Two more suspects have been arrested after they were found in possession of suspected stolen property linked to school break-ins in Katlehong and Sebokeng. The Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi applauded the police for arrests of more suspectson Thursday.

“Indeed, we are delighted and indebted to the police for a sterling work in arresting these recalcitrant, who are persistent to disregard regulations enforced during this critical moment of Lockdown. We don’t understand where do they find time to commit these crimes because everyone should be at home,” said MEC Lusufi.

The third suspect was arrested inside the school premises. The suspect broke one of the school classrooms window and then set fire inside the classroom which burned the tiles and chairs.

Gauteng Education spokesman Steve Mabona said Meanwhile the police captured the perpetrators, school theft was still on the rise.

“We, have reported on 12 April 2020 that there were 55 burglaries and vandalism at different schools. It is unfortunate to confirm that criminals continued to break -into our schools and as such a total number school’s break-ins is 67,” said Steve Mabona.

MEC Lesufi said he’s outraged by such crime as Gauteng school break-ins have reached 67.

“We wish that these criminals will rot in jail. We will not get tired to encourage members of our communities to continue to alert the police about criminals who torment our schools, “concluded MEC Lesufi.

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