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Young Men Put Women And Child Abuse On the Spotlight Through Music

A young man has decided to put his performance and art skills into good use to put women and child abuse in the spotlight. Born and bred in KwaZuku Natal, 29-year-old Ayanda Zuma has also mobilised other artists in Elandsfontein, Germiston, where he currently resides, to rally around his quest to raise the plight of women and children through song.

Zuma is currently residing at Elandsfontein,in an area in Germiston (Gauteng)where he decided to gather young artistsand composed a song titled children and women abuse.

Zuma said the reason why he composed the song Children and Women abuse, is because he was concerned about the ongoing violence against these vulnerable groups. He stresses that children and women deserve love and care, and not physical or emotional abuse and violence. 

Zuma said the touching responses he got from children when he asked them about abuse inspired him to do something about it through his skills as an artist. “I was also a victim of child abuse,we cannot continue turning a blind eye when we should demonstrate our commitment by reporting abusers who live in our houses and neighbourhoods.” The children were also given an opportunity to share their talent through this song.

“I was impressed by the excitement and enthusiasm of the young community artists in my kasi when I introduced them to the song, the collaboration became easier as they embraced the idea” he elaborated.  

Sizile Mashego is one of the young artists featured in the song.  The 28 year old Mashego says that every law abiding citizenshould speak up and denounce women and child abuse.

“It is very important to protect our women and children. Women are the backbone of the nation, without them, there is no nation,and there is no future without children.”  

Lack of finances and equipment is delaying the release of thesong and the music video. has not been released, however people can follow Zuma on.

Anyone wishing to donatcan contact him on 078 652 2373 or email him at Facebook: Dollar $ Ayanda Zuma

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