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Mashaba’s new party promises to put women first

In commemoration of Women’s Day and Women’s Month, Herman Mashaba gave diverse groups of South African women a platform to share policies they expect from his new upcoming party, to be launched on 29 August 2020.

The founder of The People’s Dialogue promised to empower South African women and make sure that they overcomegender-based violence (GBV). He added that they will also look at challenges such as gender inequality in the workplace, femicide and disproportionate level of employment faced by women.

“We gave them a chance to express how they expect our party to address the challenges they face daily. This came to our concern because South Africa remains a patriarchal society where women are treated as second-class citizens. Some of the ideas they shared include teaching children to challenge traditional gender role and respect at the young age. Empowering young girls to defend themselves against sexual abuse and GBV. Young boys must be taught how to respect women, their role and responsibility in society”, he said.

Founder of SA Women Fight Back Bronwyn Litkie said women request a focus on the importance of education for young women. She expressed that it will ensure equal access to opportunities for self-improvement and development.

“There should be mentorship programs where successful women can empower young girls and assist them to unlock their potentials. Leadership positions for women must be improvedby incentivizing training and professional development through tax incentives. Safe Houses for GBV women victims should be provided. This will prevent femicide especially in rural areas that lack facilities and resources”, said Litkie.

Amongst others who attended the event were former ANC MPs Dr Makhosi Khoza, Vytjie Mentor and many other women’s rights activists.

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