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Chubby gives away Power of a Woman book for free

During this women’s month motivational speaker, businesswoman and vocalist Celiwe Khumalo known as Chubby, will be giving away copies of her book.  

Chubby said Power of a Woman book was printed in August 2019, alongside a song with the same title. 

“People can download a song for free on, then send me a catchy phrase that touched their hearts from the song then stand a chance to win my book. Answers can be sent through my social media handles being, Facebook page tag and follow @chubbyhereiam and Instagram: @chubbyhereiam”, Chubby added.

She encourages women that they have strength within themselves, they should stop coming up with excuses but makechoices about their lives.

“A woman is very observant and can see things before they occur. We should turn on our strength element by allowing true nature to operate. It is human nature to be afraid but we have the courage to overcome. Let us stop turning a blind eye on things that do not make sense, harmful to us and our offspring. As women, we should have courage to walk away from situations that are not suitable to us and stop holding on because of fear. Let us take a stand towards things such as abusive relationships. We should bear in mind that a woman always has a plan ahead, options and solutions to the problems she encounters on her way of life”, she said.

Chubby mentioned that women are strengthened by obstacles and hardships they experience. She expressed that they should not allow failures to drown them but to build no matter how hard it is.

“The power of a woman is embedded in our DNA. I always look at us as women and wonder how many of have been abused, but still walk very high with a smile on our faces. In our eyes lay the truth and pain but there is fire that keeps us determined to do better. A woman has the ability to make something out of nothing. Give her a house, she turns it into a home. Give her basic grocery, she turns it into a meal. Women are life givers, cherish us, love us, protect and respect us”, Chubby added.

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