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Three females busted for selling fake jobs

Three females’ suspects have been arrested for selling fake jobs by the Johannesburg Metro police Department (JMPD). This arrest follows a complaint that was launched to the JMPD officers who were on patrol in JHB CBD. With the high employment rate, criminals are now taking advantage by scamming money from individuals for fake jobs.

Metro police Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar told Gauteng News that officers received a complaint about three females who were illegally taking money from jobs seekers. 

“A man complained that his wife paid them R450, and they had promised to get her employment, but the three suspects phones were switched off, and they weren’t seen or heard of again. Officers went to the seventh floor of a building at the corner of Von Wielligh Street and Nugget Street, where the three were operating from,”

“When officers arrived, there was a female suspect who tried to run away, however she was arrested, along with two more suspects. There were dozens of CVs and fake application forms found, as well as R7140 in cash. Officers seized a computer printer as well as four cell phones, which will form part of the investigation,” Minnaar said.

He cautioned the public not to fall for prey of jobs scammers especial during this time where Jobs hunters have increased.

“You can’t pay for a job, if there’s a vacancy then it means individuals must submit their Cv’s and then go for an interview. As soon as you are asked to pay money without an interview be careful there’s a possibility of a scam. Don’t pay no one for an interview.” Minnaar said.

Minnaar added and said that the date of the suspects court appearance is not yet confirmed.

“We are getting calls from a lot of people who want to give evidence against these three people” Minnaar said.

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