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Unisa students with various disabilities face educational crisis

Students living with various disabilities at the University of South Africa (UNISA) still face multiples forms of discrimination. Tshwane Regional Chairperson of the Unisa for Students with disabilities Milolo said that the fundamental educational rights of students with disabilities have been neglected.

“We hereby put it on record that the Unisa remains reluctant in establishing educational reasonable measures of accommodation for all Students with disabilities to at list strive to achieve their educational endeavours as an organ of state as captured in section 239 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,” Milolo said.

Up to date the democratic dispensational period has failed to uphold and protect the educational rights of all persons living with various disabilities in SA. Whereas the Constitution of the Republic of SA 1996 bestows every South African Citizen with a fundamental right to further education.

“The University of South Africa deliberately chose to rather disengage and not to collaborate with any structure nor forum which represents Students living with various Disabilities at the institution,” Milolo said.

Milolo added and said that they have tried to voice out their grievances to the institution but they have fallen on deaf ears. 

“we have tried everything in our power to exhaust all internal avenues within the institution, so as to try and negotiate for better reasonable mechanisms which could probably assist all Students with Disabilities advance their academic career during this covid-19 dispensation. However, all of these negotiations yield no positive results.”

One of the students who requested to remain anonymous said that he has failed to finish first semesters due to the lack of study materials.

“During the first semester upon registration I was supposed to receive the assisting devices to enable me to use the system online and then again, I had also requested training from the institution because am visually impaired so that I can be able to navigate through the online system,” 

“The institution itself had not even meet a need to bring study material in a format that is accessible to me.” Student said.

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