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Protest over land has erupted in Joburg South

A protest linked to the land occupation has erupted in South of Joburg on Monday morning, with several roads being blockaded including Lawley and K43. 

It is understood that residents in the area were trying to occupy land illegally. The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) confirmed that the protest has been gaining momentum since the early hours of Monday. 

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minaar confirmed that K43 and Old Lawley are amongst the roads that have been blockaded.

“K43 and Old Lawley Road has been blocked with rocks and burning tyres and this is over allegations of what informal settlements will be removed… the protests are over a big area and there has been the throwing of rocks and pushing of tyres onto the K43.”

The last protest in the area was against illegal land invasion erupted in Lensia where residents’ barricaded roads with burning tyres and rocks. Angry residents called for shack dwellers to be removed from the area. The claim was that the shack dwellers had invaded the land illegally and built their shacks there.

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