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Soshanguve residents fed-up with GBV

The battle against gender-based violence (GBV) remained a nightmare in South African.  Hence, Soshanguve residents marched to the Soshanguve Police Station to protest against the police lack of action against GBV recently. The scourge of GBV has evoked angry reactions from the community members.

The organiser of the march Dolly Majola, said that they demand action to be taken to fight against GBV by SAPS.

“We will not tolerate an unaccountable and unresponsive institution. Soshanguve belongs to all of us and we deserve to be protected and secure in this community. The residence, workers, the unemployed, the youth, and even the surrounding students must be protected against the violence,” Majola said.

Majola said that they also wish to express that transphobia is a matter of gender-based violence.

“Women must be interpreted as all-encompassing. We are also addressing the issue of transgender which refers to a wide range of identities of people whose gender identity and expression differs from conventional expectations,” Majola said.

Furthermore, Soshanguve residents are concerned because this is not the beginning of the conversation of addressing the oppressive patriarchal and heteronormative standards in the community.

“We would like to acknowledge the police’s contributions to the community. The country has done little to nothing to deliver on the recommendations put forward by this community. Instead, it is once again relying on the community to perform their pain and make suggestions, and responding reactively to our outcry,” Majola said.

She further added and said that they are fed-up because their grievances were not taken into consideration.

“We are tired of having our concerns ignored. We are tired of the lack of transparency that prevents us as the community from feeling protected. We want responsive, well-considered, well-informed answers that address the issues raised. These are the demands that we are taking to the police station.” She added.

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