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Alexandra community cries for better health services

During this Covid-19 pandemic, one of Alexandra community member Vusi Msomi complained about bad services from health practitioners at Alexandra (Masakhane) clinic, in Johannesburg this morning.

Msomi wrote a complaint letter to Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize and Gauteng Department of Health acting MEC Jacob Mamabolo, about what he experienced at the clinic.

“My neighbour had difficulty breathing and coughing. I rushed him to the nearest health facility, which is Masakhane clinic on 7 Wednesday 2020. When arriving there, nurses who claimed to be busy ordered me to move the patient from wheelchair to the bed with disposable dirty linen sheets and blood stains. They also told me to take my bedridden patient to the toilet with a wheelchair. I informed them that the patient wants to urinate and one of them gave me a urinary jug without gloves. I asked for gloves and held my neighbor’s private part to relief himself in the presence of the nurses. My neighbor’s health condition was also exposed in front of other patients by the doctor that was on duty. They focused on the patient’s defaulting ARVs, which was mentioned out loud”, said concerned Msomi.

While still at the clinic, Msomi witnessed misconduct again from the mentioned doctor on a different patient.

“The patient whose privacy was not also maintained had difficulty in breathing. He was discharged and told to come back to the clinic the following day. In this mist of covid-19, patients who have its symptoms are neglected. They are told to leave the facility and then get in contact with other people. This puts them at high risk of being infected”, he added.

Msomi said due to negligence from health practitioners, both patients are deceased because their health condition was not satisfying on the last days.

“Their lives could have been saved if treated with respect and dignity. At public hospitals and clinics, health practitioners treat us as if they are doing favors.  Many people are complaining about bad services they get at the mentioned clinic. As concerned community members, we are not satisfied and asking the Minister as well as MEC to take action soon”, he said.

Msomi added that relevant people can visit the community and affected families to hear from them personally. He said if there is no respond, they will shut down the clinic together with Alexandra Stakeholder including the #TotalShutdownAlex. He can be contacted on 0813005627. 

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