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Lenasia residents in Johannesburg South casts by-elections votes

Lenasia residents in Gauteng made their way to polling stations at Jiswa Service Centre for the Aged to cast 2020 by-elections votes on Wednesday. A by-election offers the opportunity to fill the vacant seat with a fresh candidate, and it allows the voters to express their will again. The ANC, DA, EFF and Al Jama-ah contested.

This by-election follows the removal of the former Democratic alliance (DA) councillor, Vinay Choonie. His deposition comes after admitting for voting for the ANC mayoral candidate at a council meeting last year.

This was one amongst over hundreds by-election in 55 municipalities across all nine provinces in the country. The main supporters in the ward were African National Congress ANC’s Chris Masango and the Al Jama-ah’s Imraan Moosa. With the street poles in Lenasia township festooned with images of Masango and Moosa.

Meanwhile service delivery was the uppermost in the minds of the voters. The ANC and Al Jama-ah’ candidates shared with Gauteng News about their party’s plans of improving service delivery.

The Al Jama-ah supporters brief the media at the first day of 2020 by-elections at Jiswa old age home.

“For the past ten years Lenasia has been collapsing under the administration which was DA. As the ANC and the partying government we are going to improve the issues of service delivery in Lenasia which are your streets lights, cutting of grass, potholes and also cleaning the entirety of Lenasia,”

This was outlined by the ANC candidate Masango he added and assured Lenasia residents that they are going to engage with them.

“But we are not going to do this alone by the way we are going to consult and engage this community. This is why am lobing and am requesting and am asking the community of ward 9 to consider voting the ANC.” Masango said.

The Al Jama-ah’ candidate Moosa added said that his party is committed to work for the community.

“We are here to serve the community of Lenasia, take a mandate for Lenasia and obviously fulfil whatever the challenges of Lenasia are. So, I think we are in a very capable position as the Al Jama-ah party to be able to take this mandate from the community.” Moosa said.

Ext 13 resident in Lenasia, Busisiswe Musannay further said that the DA is failing to execute its mandate.

“The DA is failing us they got nothing to show in our community. They have been here for the past 10 years, but we still have problems of tittle deeds for over 20 years. Crime is another problem and the police are not doing their best to assist us,” Musannay said.

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