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Mamelodi woman voices-out her feelings through a book

Mamelodi born author Tshepiso Desire (28), publishes a book titled “Out of my control in control” to share her life story and experiences with the readers.

The official launch of her book will be held on the 9th of January next year.

Her book speaks about Pheladi’s (main character) family background and relationships within the family, the book contains 16 chapters. In an exclusive interview Desire told Gauteng News that her passion to write started at the primary school level with writing her diary.

“I have always been a writer (since my primary days), mostly an expressive writer because talking about my emotions and experiences was too much. As positive as I wanted to appear, I knew that it was a war within me and the only way I knew how to release was to write,”

She indicated that the book also talks about the main character moves on to her life experience away from home.

“The character still finds herself carrying the burden of tricky relationships with people and men she has allowed into her life. It also reveals the level at which ignorance has a huge impact on who Pheladi is and her purpose in life when she encounters battles with her emotions, her mindset, and her spirituality,”

This story has motivated her to register her own Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) named “Familiar”, this year around July. Her NGO is at the beginning phase of raising awareness for mental, psychological and spiritual wellness.

“So Familiar is on a journey to aid people in need, with preference being given to young children. The aim is to raise awareness and to provide support to community members, which will promote a safer and gentler environment in families,”

Here are some of her favourite quotes from her book: “I am as deep as they can get, I am a mess,” and “What are you most afraid of? Living in vain”.

The book is available at R230, this price will be valid until 31 December 2020. For more information about the book contact Tshepiso on 067-032-1802, Facebook: So Familiar Org and Instagram: @sofamiliar_Org.

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