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Moroka Police-Station urges residents to be extravigilant

Rape is one of the most serious crimes during festive season. As a result, the Moroka Police in Gauteng have warned the community to be extra careful. Residents were urged to report rape incidents immediately to the police. This comes as most of the cases were reported during this festive season. 

Moroka Police-Station Spokes woman Majang Skalkie told Gauteng News that the victims who reported those cases are from the taverns. However, some of the cases were domestic violence related.

“On Sunday, 27 December 2020 the police arrested three suspects for rape cases that were reported. On Tuesday, 29 December 2020 one suspect was arrested. In other cases, suspects are known to the victims. Suspects aged between 29 and 35 years old,”

She indicated that in other cases, suspects are known to victims. According to Skalkie, the suspect are between ages of 29 and 35 years. 

“No one has a right to force you to have sex or touch you in a sexual way without your consent or force you to perform sexual activity you find unpleasant or humiliating,”

She gave safety tips on how women can avoid rape incidents:

“Do not allow anyone to touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Be alert to your surrounding and people around you. Do not walk alone at night and always avoid areas where they are few people,”

“Do not talk to strangers, do not allow strangers into your house. Do not leave a party or social event with someone you do not know.”

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