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SANTACO embarks on a Mask-On Campaign

The South African Taxi Council (SANTACO) has embarked on a “Mask On” campaign to encourage the constant wearing of masks on Monday. They visited Tshwane ranks stopping at spots in the CBD such as the Thabo Sehume, Bloed Street and Boom Street taxi ranks.

Mask On campaign follows complaints from commuters about taxi drivers who defy regulations. It is alleged that they fasten the spread of Covid-19 by not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly. The campaign seeks to put the taxi industry on the right side of the law as far as Covid-19 compliance is concerned.

About 27 taxi drivers and 18 passengers were found to have contravened the Covid-19 regulations to wear a face mask covering nose and mouth. Those found to have disregarded the regulations were fined and warned.

Some commuters said they were afraid to address the issue with the drivers for fear of being thrown out of the taxi. Other complained that the drivers did not allow them to open the windows as has been recommended for a good air flow.

SANTACO, Tshwane regional spokesperson Mack Makata said some taxi drivers were found not wearing a mask and others had it around their chins.

Law enforcement have also jumped on the campaign to ensure compliance. Gauteng Transport MEC, Jacob Mamabolo has complimented GNTA and SANTACO. 

“We really applaud and sincerely thank the leadership of both GNTA and SANTACO to ensure that they protect the lives of commuters.” 

According to Mamabolo, people are responding very well to the Level 3 directives in both busses and taxis.

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