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Dlozi Ngwana Badimo brand translated to Khoisan and sign language

Dlozi Ngwana Badimo founder Nape Phasha (35) has translated his brand to Khoisan (N/UU) and sign language.

Phasha told Gauteng News that Dlozi was established in July 2020 and consists of clothing and footwear. He said they have a powerful social media page called African education with Nape Thz, where most of ideas come from.

“What inspired me to come up with a brand was sudden awakening of African spirituality. I decided to come up with clothing brand with an aim of infusing identity that was demonised from long time ago. We want to spread an awakening message to masses across Africa in order to embrace and remember who we are. There are few clothing brands that translate their merchandise to native languages. So far Dlozi brand is translated to Sepedi,  Setswana, Sotho, Venda, Tsonga, Isizulu, Isixhosa, Isindebele, Isiswati, Afrikaans, Swahili, Khoisan (N/UU) and sign language”, he said.

Phasha said he recently met with Mama Katrina Esau, one of three remaining people who can speak Khoisan language fluently.

“It was an honour and blessing to meet her as well as royal council of Khoisan. Mama Esau taught me a lot about ancient history and life of African people in old ages. She was delighted with the work I do and gave me same book that she gave South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. Department of Sports, Arts and Culture has commissioned and completed a book about Mama Esau’s life as well as her work”, he added.

Phasha said they are committed to work with Mama Esau and honouring her as a living legend. He said having Dlozi brandtranslated to Khoisan language is a huge achievement.

“UUN is one of Khoisan language which is on the verge to disappear because it is not widely spoken in Khoisan community. Apparently Khoisan people have adapted Afrikaans as their first language. Mama Esau has opened an academy where she is teaching youth UUN language, traditions and culture in her community”, he added.

Phasha said Dlozi is an international brand as they have delivered to countries such as Lesotho, Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe so far. He said people can buy online: and get in touch with them on twitter: @dlozishop, Facebook: “Dlozi”, email: and whatsapp: +27 79 269 2376.

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