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Businessman to empower young artistes

Businessman and musician Joseph Zitha is set to invest in upcoming and talented young artistes.

 Zitha aka ZT Buldoza is currently working on a new album to be released later this year; a follow up to his 2020 hit titled Loko Rixile.

 Born and bred in Limpopo, and having released two albums, Zitha says he registered Zitha Publishing company with the aim to nurture and empower artistes.

“I always had a passion for music; I never had the opportunity to explore the industry as I had a difficult upbringing and had to work hard to survive. I have been inspired by legends like Chicco Twala and vision myself sharing the stage with them,” he said. 

 Zitha is of a generation of black South Africans who rode the wave of democracy from 1994 and made it out of poverty.

 “Life was difficult when I came to Johannesburg to look for work. It was not easy for me to get a good job, but I taught myself to build houses. I built my empire with my own hands, moving from being a self-taught constructer to an owner of a successful construction company that has built so many houses in Johannesburg,” he said.

 The father of four says he went against insane odds to become a successful businessman and musician.

 “It takes hard work, determination and a strong character to make it in the construction industry. The industry has always been regarded as for white people as it requires a lot of capital. No one ever believed that a black person can make it. I had confidence in myself and that has driven me towards my goals. You must believe in yourself,” he said.

 Zitha’s manager Titus Hlongwane says Zitha goes an extra mile to uplift his community through creatingemployment opportunities.

 “Registering the Zitha publishing company was a way to empower youths from disadvantaged backgrounds.He has appetite for growth within the music industry. It’s not an easy task to be a full-time businessman and musician,” he added.

 Zitha’s fan Thato Mulaudzi says he cannot wait for the upcoming album.

 “ZT Buldoza is my source of inspiration. I admire what he has done from humble beginnings and respect his love to give back to the community. I will continue supporting his music,” he said.

 Zitha Publishing is opening its doors to all upcoming musicians who are determined to make a mark in the industry.

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